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LNG & Natural Gas

LNG & Natural Gas is our business, and we are very good at it. 

Operational excellence and trust are the pillars on which we build our relationships, providing reliable services to the highest technical standards. We actively promote best practice and encourage our team to excel,  delivering safe, cost effective and an environmentally conscious attitude to all of our operations.

Our FSRU design allows us to load, re-distribute, store LNG and process it into vapour form on a single vessel, which is connected to the shore, where we inject this regassified natural gas into the shore transmission pipeline system. These vast shore transmission systems deliver Natural Gas for consumption into homes, schools, hospitals and industry, for power generation, heat and cooking. 

Our company’s focus is on the optimisation of floating LNG assets to deliver reliable energy security within the LNG value chain.  

FSRU & LNG Transhipment - STS Operations

FSRU’s are the modern alternative to shore LNG facilities, providing safe access to the global LNG market and fast developing small scale LNG bunkering and distribution sector.

Ship to Ship Operations allow for the safe berthing between a vessel and the FSRU. Once the vessels are securely berthed, the LNG transfer can begin. 

FSRU’s conducts frequent STS operations with LNGC’s to replenish its inventory to meet operational requirements and customer expectations.

Modern transshipment of LNG between the two vessels is very efficient and utilises bespoke LNG transfer systems, which comply with EN 1474. The process of transfer is very effective and efficient and LNG can transferred at rates of up-to 9000 cubic meters per hour using specifically designed equipment to handle this cryogenic liquid and vapours safely. 

Our transhipment processes are controlled and operated to the highest standards of safety and reliability, ensuring efficient operations to be completed.

Transshipment of LNG by sea is an industry which has existed and thrived for over 50 years.  Specially designed vessels allow the transport and handling of LNG at cryogenic temperatures of -163’C which facilities the large volumes of energy to be transported in liquid state. Since the very first cargo, the industry has grown year on year and is the safest sector of shipping transport on the planet.

FSRU’s are the “Swiss Army Knives” of the LNG industry.

The recent evolution and the development of FSRU’s, which are based on LNG carrier hulls, provide cost effective access to the LNG energy market, the sector continues to grow across the world. 

Our FSRU design supports further business development opportunities to be generated from a single asset. This flexibility allows for simultaneous operations beyond traditional LNG loading, storage and regasification.

The abilities of our FSRU designs supports multiple functions to be provided from a single asset. This include simultaneous operations of regasification on LNG to vapour injection into shore pipelines, we LNG storage, LNG bunkering to other vessels, LNG redistribution by ship and shore LNG trucking.

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