Health and Safety

Our safety and quality programme covers all aspects of our work that can affect health and safety. This is more than a campaign: it’s a culture. 

Our health and safety principles are embedded in our day-to-day operations. All accidents can be prevented and we believe in building a corporate identify that resonates with each member of the team. 

We encourage team and personal development in all areas of operations and focus on competence development and assurance. 

By delivering continuous opportunities to learn, implement continuous improvement processes and sharing experiences with others will ensure that our team have the practical, theoretical and well considered risk management and operational skill sets to limit and prevent accidents.

Health, safety and working environment policy

Our aspiration is zero harm to people and the environment.

  • Zero harm means that we aspire to create a workplace that is injury-free.
  • International and national legislation and guidelines form the basis of our health, safety and working environment (HSE) culture. We also take active measures to reach beyond the requirements.

We believe all accidents can be prevented by:

  • Building a company culture which reinforces safety awareness among our employees.
  • Ensuring practical and well-considered risk management onboard and ashore.
  • Learning through analysing accidents and near-accidents.
  • Continual improvement of procedures and routines, including further developing the skills of our personnel and emergency contingency planning

Our technical managers are responsible and ultimately accountable for ensuring that we move towards our aspiration of zero harm. HSE responsibilities and tasks are defined and communicated throughout the operation. We educate all employees to understand the implications of this HSE policy.

We monitor HSE indicators through:

  • Monthly reporting
  • Yearly evaluation of developments and trends included in the company management review
  • Yearly planning of HSE objectives, targets and actions being part of the strategic planning process.
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